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Issue 113 – December 2018

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The third Sunday of November was a special day for both the volunteers of the Sufi Service Committee and the residents of the wet shelter. It was turkey day! Thanksgiving this year was all about showing gratitude for the multiple blessings we have and sharing our love and a home prepared meal with the underprivileged. Preparation for this special day started well in advance with volunteers purchasing all the ingredients and cooking various dishes, including three big turkeys.

We are very proud and feel privileged to have Kat a new volunteer who joined us in October. Kat took on the very important task of cooking three delicious turkeys, the centerpiece of our Thanksgiving meal at the shelter! Not only that, she made outstanding stuffing and gravy. Another volunteer, Raoufa took on the task of preparing a wonderful green bean casserole, which everyone at the shelter loved.

The Saturday before the feast, everyone came together to organize the event and be fully ready for the next day. As always, Mr. Noor was among the first people to arrive and with the help of Harrison cooked us a delicious breakfast to be full of energy for the day. Maria, the leader of the endeavor, showed exemplary leadership skills by delegating tasks among the volunteers including Mr. Noor who humbly took on Maria’s request to go out on a cold day to buy tofu to include as a vegetarian food option. The Sufi Service Committee house was filled with aromas of sweet potatoes being baked and gravy being prepared. Thanksgiving was official!

The following day was a big day. All the volunteers assembled at the Sufi Service Committee house, ready to meet the shelter’s residents with love, a big smile and some delicious Thanksgiving meals. At our arrival, approximately 60 residents were present and awaited our meal offering. There was a lot of action at the kitchen: Matt and Kathryn were busy slicing the turkeys, Hanane and Harrison were preparing the baked vegetables, Brian was in charge of making apple cider, ovens were filled, the stove top fired up and hearts filled with joy to share our meals with the residents. Let’s not forget Maria who was the conductor of this fine-tuned orchestra!

It was time to serve the meal and nothing compares to the joy in the residents’ faces. It was a moment of selfless giving, love and gratitude for both the volunteers and the residents. It is important to note here that each member of the Sufi Service Committee exhibited genuine and sincere care and love in serving the residents. This is a good reminder of the Founder of Sufi Service Committee-Dr. Alireza Nurbakhsh’s- words: “It is through love and service to others that the Sufis contribute to lifting the veil of the ego, thereby experiencing the sacred.” The Sufi Service Committee volunteers have once again exhibited actions of good for the sole purpose of good. At the end of the day we all walk back to our homes with only the awareness of a good deed well done. Many shelter residents walked up to the volunteers to give them warm thanks and praise the quality of the food.

Volunteer Appreciation

Thank you Harrison for these delicious and healthy breakfast sandwiches!

Thank you Maria for your stellar leadership skills and thank you Matt for driving some of us and the food to the shelter.

Thank you Matt and Kathryn for slicing up those turkeys!

And the award of the most productive goes to Harrison! He not only helped with baking the vegetables and making the apple cider but also figured out how to use the coffee machine too!

Thank you Hanane, Kat, Maria, Raoufa, Matt, Harrison, Kathryn and Brian for pulling off an awesome Thanksgiving meal for the wet shelter. Let’s not forget to thank Sally for her wonderful cornbread muffins.

Expressions from the Heart 

“I couldn’t be more thankful for the universe and god that has allowed me to be part of this group. Every day we’re able to help the homeless community through the help of one another. To see the thanks and affection they show when being given homemade food makes me even more thankful to be part of this group of volunteers. Looking forward to the next service. See you guys soon!”


“Every time I volunteer at the shelter I am reminded how lucky I am to have a place to call home, a place to be with my family and a place to feel safe and comfortable.

Helping at the at this shelter to provide an afternoon of good food, respect, and hopefully some joy for those who don’t have a home or much stability is a small but very meaningful contribution to a much greater societal problem.

I found this Sunday’s service to a lovely uplifting experience. It was so nice when some residents hugged me afterwards to say thanks. Everyone worked so well together and we even figured out the coffee machine!! I so look forward to our next service as we enter the holiday season and hopefully as the weeks progress we can get to know the residents more.

Thank you all.”


“No greater joy exists than to connect with others in service. […] Start by SEEING everyone – to look into their eyes, to give a smile, to wish them peace, to imagine sufficiency for all and to give what you can. Find others who can see and let love make us One.”



The menu was made of a traditional thanksgiving meal. Kat oven baked (over three days) three large size turkeys and prepared gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce. Raoufa made a green beans casserole with mushroom cream and crispy onions. Hanane and Harrison baked seasonal vegetables and boiled corn cobs. A tofu stew and sweet potatoes were also available as a vegetarian option. Let’s not forget about the mashed potatoes! For dessert, residents had the choice between pumpkin pie, apple pie and corn bread muffins.

Thank you Hanane, Kat, Maria, Raoufa, Matt, Harrison, Kathryn and Brian for pulling off an awesome Thanksgiving meal for the wet shelter. Let’s not forget to thank Sally for her wonderful cornbread muffins.

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