May I bring my child with me?

Children are welcome, but will need to be accompanied at all times.

How should I dress?

Most of your time at the house will be spent sitting on the floor, so with that in mind, please dress comfortably. We also ask that you dress respectfully: please do not wear shorts and also try to refrain from wearing clothing that draws attention to itself or is distracting.

How long does Tea last?

Sunday Tea usually lasts about an hour. Afterward, you may want to attend our normal Sunday meditation, preparation for which begins about 5PM pm every Sunday.

Do I need to call in advance?

If you're planning to attend meditation sessions, please give some advance notice of your visit especially if it's your first time.

How can I reach the House?

Our e-mail, phone number, and Google maps are available here:

I'd like to conduct research on Sufism. Can I bring any recording devices to Sunday tea?

It is not appropriate to bring cameras or tape recorders to House of Sufism. Anyone interested in conducting research involving the House of Sufism should e-mail to set up interviews with a representative from the House.